The Regex Assistant

A visual programming tool for the Perl Regexes


The purpose of the Regex Assistant is to help you to write regular expressions. With it you can edit a regex and visualize its behavior.

The Regex Assistant offers the possibility to visualise a regular expression by using the Léon Brocard's module. The graph is rendered with the WinGraphviz COM object which can be downloaded from The GraphViz home page

Consider the present version as a prototype. If you have any remark or you want to contribute to the development don't hesitate to send me a mail.


We need to have IE5, ActiveState Perl and Perlscript installed on your machine.
  1. Unzip the in a directory of your choice
  2. Launch by double-clicking on the file regex_assistant.hta.
  3. Now play with it!

Quick start

  1. With the step by step execution try the following regex:
  2. Check the Step by step mode.
  3. And, for example click on the "Continue" button.
Other interesting regexes to test could be:
\b abcd
(?=\W) abc#def


So many things to do... but you can participate.

Major Bugs

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